Geoffrey Nelles

Chief Operating Officer

Geoffrey Nelles is the Chief Operating Officer of Real Estate and Operations at Harlo Capital. Geoff joined the team in 2020. He brings with him experience in both the private and public real estate sectors, spanning from corporate strategy and innovation to leasing and property development. As Harlo’s Chief Operating Officer of Real Estate and Operations, Geoff evaluates real estate opportunities, leads the analyst team and oversees the delivery of projects.

Prior to joining Harlo, Geoff led a team at SmartCentres REIT tasked with the ongoing strategic management, master planning, development, intensification and disposition of a portfolio of assets. Concurrently, he facilitated an initiative with the senior executive team to refine the REIT’s corporate strategy and consulted on the expansion of PenguinPickUp across Canada. Prior to SmartCentres, Geoff led the Real Estate functions for Walmart in Canada through a period of expansion and transformation.

Geoff currently sits on real estate advisory board for the Salvation Army. In 2018, he became an alumnus of the Harvard Business School.

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